Contractor versus Consultant

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague at work last week and a particular observation Howardmade rang true with me and I have to share.

We were discussing some ideas he had around providing some specialist consulting services and he was recounting some of his previous experiences as a client to consulting services and he talked about the difference between a contractor and consultant.

He talked about his experience where the company he was working for had shortlisted three candidates on a particular bid. One of the candidates had been ruled out through due diligence activities. The remaining two operated at completely different levels. Company A went with the approach of hosting the client to a number of functions continuously questioning staff about what they thought would be a suitable solution.

Comany B used their own knowledge and expertise to put together a solution that the client was not capable of realising within their own space.

Howard said the difference is a contractor will implement your ideas whereas a consultant can give you new ideas.

What has been your experience with consultants and contractors? What did they end up actually being?



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