A childhood in Brisbane, an adolescence in Emerald and a stint of tertiary education in Rockhampton (where he met his sweetheart and future wife) prepared Cory for a career of professional and geographical diversity.

Cory has traveled widely having worked in North America, Europe and Australia with short stints in Dubai and Singapore.

Husband to a wonderful wife. Father of two beautiful children who keep him on his toes.

For more information on Cory’s professional escapades check out his effect.

Following is a bio for conference organisers:


Cory has the goal of ‘trying to get people to think’. His focus on adopting knowledge management (KM) principles and techniques is to ensure people are making better decisions and growing through learning and sharing.

He came to KM from working in the fields of coaching, facilitation, information management, customer relationship management, change management and business improvement in public and private sector organisations in Australia, North America, UK and throughout Europe.

Cory is now freelancing after delivering an award winning KM program at Parsons Brinckerhoff after stints at Suncorp and the Department of Emergency Services.

He holds positions on KM communities including actKM and the Qld KM Forum and is the leader of the Knowledge Bucket open source project.

Cory is currently based back home in Brisbane and is enjoying the experience of fatherhood.


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