Intranet Project Principles

I have just returned to a drenched Brisbane from a couple of days in Melbourne.

Whilst in Melbourne I participated in the KM Roundtable and late this afternoon I shared how we are approaching our current Intranet Project.

One of the things I wanted to communicate was the way we have defined some guiding principles that help all project members approach problems, make decisions and design solutions. I thought I’d share them here with a wider audience.

  • Change driven
    • We are focusing on the organisational change and letting the technology take care of itself. The tech parts are easy, change is hard.
  • User Centred Design
    • Speaks for itself. Presenting content in a user perspective, not a content owner perspective. 
  • Decentralised Content Management
    • Empower, entrust and support.
  • Iterative
    • Make sure you deliver stage 2 and 3. Make stage 1 easy/small.
  • Don’t let the ball drop
    • Don’t sit back, watch others fail and then blame them.
  • Communicate what you are doing
    • Let people know what you are working on, even when not asked.
  • Share your deliverables
    • Let other people see what you have achieved. They may leverage it in other work. 
  • Exemplify the technology
    • Use the technology to run your project. Learn by doing. Eat your own dog food. Demonstrate the possibilities.
  • Participate. Speak Up
    • There are no passengers. Get involved and value add.
  • Sustainable
    • Design with the future and diversity in mind. Make things available for reuse.

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