How can an eBook cost more than a new Hardcover Tim Brown?

Since delivery of my iPad 2 several months ago, and the loading of the Kindle App, I have had a preference for purchasing my books in the Kindle ebook format where possible.

Today I was inclined to pursue a title called Change by Design by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO.

Now imagine my amazement when I visit the page and find this:

So my options are to buy the Hardcover edition for $16.83 USD. Or the Kindle edition for $20.86 USD.

That is nearly 25% more for the electronic book than the hardcover! Perhaps I should count myself lucky as the RRP is $27.99 and I am getting a 25% discount. Yet the Hardcover also has a RRP of $27.99.

How does this happen?

Change by Design
Edition RRP (USD$) Discounted Price (USD$)
Hardcover $27.99 $16.83
Kindle $27.99 $20.86

Obviously this is something I need to take up with Harper Collins as there is a nice little disclaimer on the Kindle edition page that states:

Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
This price was set by the publisher

One thought on “How can an eBook cost more than a new Hardcover Tim Brown?

  1. Absolutely agree. In fact, the crazy pricing is one of the main reasons why I haven’t jumped on board the ebook bandwagon (DRM being the other – while being an isolated incident, the 1984 and Animal farm remote wipe a couple of years ago doesn’t exactly inspire confidence).

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