The odds of success

I have been toying with an idea and would like to share it and find out what you think.

I had a chat with a group of change management people at Qld Health yesterday, talking about the concept of communities of practice and what they are capable of.

During the discussion I wheeled out a phrase I have used before to assist people in understanding the value of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

How can you give yourself a better chance of success?

This got me thinking that instead of talking about risk mitigation and critical success factors, could we boil it down to something basic that people can easily understand.

What are the odds of you succeeding?

What can you do to improve those odds?

Far to often we find ourselves treating symptoms instead of the problem. Trying to make sure things don’t go wrong instead of making sure things go right.

Maybe a bit or appreciative inquiry slipping in here 😉

How could you twist the language you use and the approach you take to focus on getting it right instead of not getting it wrong? Succeeding instead of not failing?




One thought on “The odds of success

  1. I have always linked Risk Management to Success and re-expressed it as a positive thing.

    The best example of this switch is, for example, AMP.
    They sell Death Insurance, but call it LIFE Insurance. Simple really

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