Tool Time – Livescribe Pen

At a recent KM Roundtable meeting in Melbourne, Michelle Lambert shared her experiences with using a Livescribe Pen.

Using the pen and special paper, you can record your notes and drawings visually and (if you desire) record the audio of conversation that is going on at the same time. These are then synchronised so you can come back to a point in your notes and replay the audio at that point.

The big thing for me was that you could search your notes (the ultimate searchable notebook!!).

It has definitely gone to the top of my wishlist and may even be closer to landing in my hot little hands due to Amazon currently discounting the price of the pens.

With the exchange rate the way it is and next pay due Friday, there is a real danger of my cunning plan for global domination coming to fruition!! [insert maniacal laughter]




One thought on “Tool Time – Livescribe Pen

  1. Dick Smith had them on special with 5 notebooks as well – just had to buy one – between Michelle and Mark S talking up how I could use – what else could I do???

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