KM in Brisneyland

What a way to start the day. Breakfast with peers and colleagues with an interest in Knowledge Management on a wonderful sunny morning in downtown Brisbane. It doesn’t get much better (professionally that is).

I am speaking of the breaky catchups of the QKM Forum here in Brisbane known as ‘KM over Coffee’. This is held on the third Thursday of the month at a nice spot in Brisbane Square at the Shingle Inn cafe.

The catchups were originally an alternative to organised activities and presentations and have been going on for the last 18 months. It was much easier on all of us to just set up a time and place and see who could make it. We are now planning on maintaining the catchups for those who can make it and complement these with some other activities (site visits, peer assists, guest speakers etc…).

Mostly we have two or three people available on that morning to catchup but today was a bumper crop (14 of us. Tables had to be rearranged several times to cater for the volume).

During the limited time we had, we were able to do a round of ‘classic’ introductions (name, role, current priorities) and we then broke the group up into 3 teams which were each given the task of discussing and deciding:

 “If you could ask this group of fellow KMers one question, what would it be?”

The responses were:

  1. How do we get senior leadership to buy-in to KM?
  2. How would you monitise the value of KM in an organisation?
  3. How do you motivate people to adopt KM practices?

We then used the first question to share our experiences and views on the point. The other two we’ll save up for next time.

A big thankyou to all those at the recent actKM Conference who pointed some Brisbane KM orphans our way.

Next catchup will follow a slightly different format and involve festive season drinkies. See you all there.




2 thoughts on “KM in Brisneyland

  1. And? What did you come up with? It’s always interesting to hear what people devise together – or what stories they tell together with these kinds of questions.

    • A few things came up.

      Kate Andrews talked about the types of work she is being engaged for as a KM consultant (What people are paying for) which included knowledge retention (aging workforce), generating income from Knowledge and recognition of intellectual property.

      I spoke of the importance to deal with the business on their terms, using their language and solving their problems. (What is keeping them up at night?)

      I also spoke of the shift we have seen from a job for life to more shorter terms of engagement and how this shifts focus to get people up to speed and productive as quickly as practical, then starting them on their knowledge sharing/transfer journey from day one to make the most of the two or three years you are going to get from them.

      Other points mentioned included being able to show case studies where adoption of KM practices and behaviors have created value, and aiming for cultural change and adoption instead of system implementation.


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