Vivid reminders

Whilst going to pick up some milk and bread early this morning, I was listening to ABC Radio in Brisbane when a story came on that caught my attention.

The story was about how two major airlines in Japan had created museums about tragic air crashes (also an article in The Age).

They are open to the public but their target audience are staff on the airlines to show them a grizzly reminder of what can happen when things go wrong.

Stats quoted on the radio story cited that 55% of air crashes were caused by human error.

They are aware that most of the staff who were around when these crashes occurred (in the 80’s) are about to retire so a majority of current staff did not experience the emotional upheaval of working for the airline when the disasters occurred. 

By making it compulsory for staff to visit the museum, they are trying to get staff to understand the risks and consequences of what they do.

I wonder if such a display would catch on in other companies in other industries or other countries?



One thought on “Vivid reminders

  1. A interesting initiative, particularly where failure can be catastrophic as in loss of life and property. Some war museums serve a similar function.

    I wonder how this would translate into the corporate environment where the consequences of poor decision making and behaviours are often:
    a) Not as visible (long term consequences of staff leaving),
    b) Treated as that elephant in the room (that psychopath CEO we dare not speak about)
    c) Can be hidden (Hierarchy using its prerogative to not admit to or share failure.) … and I’m sure there any many others.

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