Practicing what you preach

So here is the story.

I’m checking LinkedIn tonight and something pops up in one of the side columns in the space that shows any roles being advertised on LinkedIn that may match your profile.

Here are the details of the role. I have removed the title and the organisation until later in this post:

Writing / Editing, Consulting, Project Management, Production
Logistics and Supply Chain, Human Resources, Management Consulting, Publishing, Financial Services
November 20, 2009 by ???

Job Description

Position Concept: 
[Company] is seeking highly qualified individuals with expertise in Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management or Financial Management to produce and promote [Company] research content through the development of informational products focused on metrics, best practices, thought leadership, and case studies. The [Role] will support [Company’s] content strategy by developing and publishing thought leadership to [Company] standards and requirements. Thought leadership and related content pieces will be developed in support of member consumption, content and demand generation marketing requirements, and pay-per-click revenue-generating pieces. Examples of thought leadership that will be produced include white papers, articles, case studies, and other Web-centric content. The individual will work with [Company’s] research services, membership, and marketing departments to develop and deploy fact-based points of view and other thought leadership deliverables.

•Managing and delivering to [Company’s] supply chain, human capital, and financial management publishing requirements
•Maintaining and delivering to the functional content publishing calendar
•Coordinating input and research activities across stakeholders and subject matter experts
•Identifying primary and secondary research requirements in order to publish fact-based, differentiated business insights
•Developing papers and slide decks that present client-ready, compelling insights
•Delivering briefings to internal and external audiences
•Working with marketing and membership groups to deploy thought leadership content internally and externally through events, press quotes, articles, podcasts, and other media
•Contributing to the evolution of strategic thinking across assigned functional area


•At least 3–5 years of experience writing content associated with the relevant functional area
•Advanced degree in relevant field
•Solid written and oral English, other languages a plus
•Demonstrated research and analysis abilities
•Strong project management and relationship management skills
•Ability to understand business structure, improvement, and decision-making needs within large enterprises in a way that allows the individual to extract relevance from existing research and frame information in a point of view

Ok. If you are still with me, there are two things that bother me about this.

  1. Position Title
  2. The Company

1. Position Title

I must say it was the title that first got my attention, but after reading the role description, I’m not sure of the accuracy of this role being called a Knowledge Manager.

2. The Company

Now understandably there are many different opinions of what Knowledge Management is and a fair number of different descriptions of the Knowledge Manager role. What frightens me the most is an organisation who is well recognised in the field and proclaims themselves as a thought leader in the space, such as APQC, could call such a role a Knowledge Manager.

What do you think?

(Role advertised on LinkedIn)



One thought on “Practicing what you preach

  1. Its obviously working for them (not). They have an identical ad on Linkedin for April 2010. Job/Spec mismatch? I wonder.

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