KM Program Comparison

I have just been through a exercise with the Knowledge Management Roundtable in Victoria. It worked out quite well so I thought I would share.

It is a combination of Sense making, Knowledge Market, Speed Dating and Maturity Models.

Step 1.

Get people to write on sticky notes the various activities/initiatives/services that their organisation is undertaking/providing that are related in some way to KM.

Also write your organisations name on them.

Step 2.

Get everyone to put their sticky notes on a large wall.

Step 3.  

Invite the group to then cluster the sticky notes into groups.

Step 4.

Name the Groups. The names this group came up with were:

  • Knowledge Strategy & Implementation
  • Organisational Development/Learning & Development
  • Knowledge Sharing Culture
  • Intranet/Portals
  • Information Management/Library
  • Enablers/Information Technology
  • Business Process

Step 5.

Create a map for each of the Groupings that has a matrix with a vertical axis of complexity (simple. complicated, complex) and a horizontal axis of implementation lifecycle (concept, business case, buy/build, implemented). These were placed on flipcharts and stuck up on walls around the room.

Step 6.

Move the grouped sticky notes to their related map. Everyone then had to put their own sticky notes in the relevant position on the matrix.

Step 7.

People were then invited to look at each of the maps and identify other people who may have already implemented something they are currently working on the concept for. They then found the people and sought advice on any tips or tricks and organise follow up after the workshop.

Some fantastic connections were made and discussion bubbled away across the room.

Something to take back and see how it could be applied in other areas.



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