Digital Habitats with Nancy White

I was in Melbourne today to start off a few days of workshops, meetings and KM Roundtable.

Today it was an afternoon with Nancy White and a few dozen members of the KM Roundtable.

Nancy took us through some of the concepts covered in the new book Digital Habitats written with Etienne Wenger and John D. Smith.

Key points included:

  • There was a moment of clarity around the bands of Individual, Community and Network and some good discussion around the difference between communities and networks.
  • Triangulation in looking at who and what you need (internal and external) to have on board to get things changed in an organisation.
  • Understanding that you design for groups, that will be experienced as individuals
  • Group Polarities:
    • Togetherness       -        Separateness
    • Participation          -        Reification
    • Individual               -        Group
  • A fantastic spider diagram where you can look at the activities of a community that included dimensions of:
    • Meetings
    • Projects
    • Access to expertise
    • Relationships
    • Context
    • Community cultivation
    • Individual participation
    • Content publishing
    • Open-ended conversation

Nancy used a set of cards in some of her activities to break the ice and spark conversation. They are the IDEO Method Cards. A set of 51 cards that have an image on one side and the description of a creative activity on the other.

I am still not sure why they use the word reification.

We have been designing a scorecard for CoP health. There was plenty of stuff to consider and I am asking our librarian to get a copy of the book as well as getting one for myself.


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