Knowledge Strategy

In our organisation September means strategy time. I find myself in the unusual position of working in Australia for a US company that operates on a Nov-Oct financial calendar on a period (4 weeks, 13 periods a year) basis.

So I am discussing with people the best way to go about developing a knowledge strategy. There are a few key things learnt from previous experience which I thought might be good to share. I’ll add more as they come to mind. Feel free to contribute.

Knowledge Strategy Tips and Tricks

  1. Use the strategy model your organisation uses
  2. Show alignment with strategic objectives, don’t measure against them.

  3. Balance above and below the line (new v’s renew)

  4. Maturity model measures may be better than classic financial performance.

  5. Show how you will support other peoples activities

  6. Look for relatives; can you kill two birds with one stone

  7. Clearly separate strategic objectives from tactical initiatives but show the relationships.

  8. Depending on your environment, show bias: Every other strategy in the business is going to be concentrating on financial performance and customer intimacy. You need to balance this with the knowledge aspect. You may need to be loud to be heard above the hubbub.

  9. Engage with your stakeholders, don’t just do it on your own.

  10. Measure different things to the rest of the organisation. Everyone else is measuring profit and budgets. Provide some diversity.

  11. Embed as much as you can in the overall business strategy instead of having a separate knowledge strategy.

  12. Include initiatives that other areas are running that support knowledge management principles and objectives (e.g. HR may be running the Mentoring Program)

  13. Mention things you are going to stop doing (not just about doing new things -stop, start, continue)



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