The week that was…

A big week has just come to an end before an even bigger week commences.

As some of you would know the KM Australia conference was held in Sydney (Luna Park) this week. I was asked by Patrick Lambe to assist in facilitating a session around the KM Cards and some new Culture Cards. About a month ago I was asked to fill in a gap they had on the last session of the last day. This turned into a double session giving flight to the design of an interactive session on problem solving.

So the plan was to attend the pre-conference Dave Snowden workshop, help out Patrick with his session, catch up with KM comrades,  meet some new kmers, take in some intresting presentations and then round off the conference with an energetic finale.

As with the best laid plans of mice and men there is always the unknown ready to jump all over it.

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to attend our organisation’s strategic planning worksop. This was the top 40 leaders in the business coming together to review our strategic direction and plan for the foressable future.

Fortunately the planning session was also in Sydney, and just across the harbour from Luna Park (I could see it out the window from where we were at Pier One). Unfortuately I would not be able to attend most of the conference and only made the pre-conference workshop and the afternoon of the last day. Apologies to Patrick (Still trying to work out how to make it up to him. Any tips from readers?).

Needless to say the strategic planning sessions were challenging, enjoyable (except for the part where I was told to shutup) and draining. We did well to come off the back of this and give (by most accounts – post by Dave Snowden, tweets #kmaus09) and enjoyable and energetic session to finish off the conference. The jury is still out on the use of the cow horn to signal the end of activities in the exercise. Big thanks to Sarah for logistics and the facilitators for wearing the costumes and kepping people on track (Sarah, Darren, Lance, Michelle and Matt).

So now a few things to tie up the week (blog post, slides up on slideshare etc..) and then it’s off to Singapore to present at the KM Singapore conference.

More to come.



One thought on “The week that was…

  1. Hi Cory I really enjoyed your presentation at KM Australia, unfortunately I had to leave early and missed the end. Would it be possible to get a pdf copy to enjoy and reflect upon. cheers

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