A Knowledge Manager

I was asked to provide some words from a knowledge manager about what I do.

It is quite late so I just started  making notes instead of drafting full paragraphs.

It seems to have ended up as the following rant. Does this make sense to you?

The Knowledge Manager

I listen to people every day.
I listen to the things they are doing and how they are doing them.
I listen to the questions they ask and the requests they make.
I hear they want a website.
I hear they want a database.
I hear they want more resources in the library.
I listen and I hear.

I ask questions.
I ask what they are trying to achieve.
I find the assumptions they make and I coach them to uncover them for themselves.
I guide and I shepherd.
I nudge and I steer.
I help people to realise the knowledge they have at their disposal.
I assist them to find it and use it.

I encourage people to share without request or recognition.
I ask them to think of who else can benefit from what they know.

This is my job as a Knowledge Manager.
To help people find what they need.
To realise what they have and have not.
To take what we know and use it to solve problems, make decisions, improve and innovate.
This is what I do.



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