Pricing for social software

I have just been populating the wiki page on the Bucket and a thought occurred to me.

I was checking out the costing and licensing arrangements for some of the ‘enterprise’ wiki solutions and it occurred to me that there are a couple of challenges that people may face when working out the licensing arrangements and costs.

An example of one provider is that they offer a hosted or appliance solution for a set fee per user per month. They then offer you to contact their sales team for bulk licenses.

The supplier doesn’t seem to distinguish between viewers and contributors. The question I would be asking is what constitutes a user and then requires a license?

I have noticed in implementing previous wiki sites that the ratio of content contributors to viewers is a very low percentage. So if most of your users of the site are only viewers and not users of the systems content management functionality, why pay for full licenses?

There should be room to move here or at least to agree on a set fee as other providers offer.

Unfortunately there is no further detail available about licensing on the site.

But what would a good model look like?



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