Tying 2.0 together

I try to utilise my time on the bus in the mornings for good (reading feeds and lists) instead of evil (playing games on my PSP). I have even taken to catching some alternative routes to get a slightly longer ride. I also have the backup book in case the internet/mobile phone network collapses or my phones battery runs out (this is currently The Back of a Napkin by Dan Roam).

I go through a ritual of checking my Gmail (nice Gmail mobile client), Twitter and then on to Google Reader (again a nice mobile client) for feeds from a number of sources.

Seeing some emails about a Google Group we have set up for the Bucket, and some comments made on my recent blog move, got me thinking about how you can tie social computing things together to have the whole greater than the some of the parts.

Here is an example:

We have set up the Knowledge Bucket wiki for people to contribute links and references about a number of facets of KM. [wiki]

We have then set up a list where people are added when they sign up as users to the wiki. This list notifies people of events, activities and other happenings. [list]

I am then considering a blog where Bucket users can then share their experiences about KM and the Bucket [blog].

I am toying with a Twitter account with feeds from the blog. [microblog]

I have started using a delicious tag (kbucket) to tag things that are linked to from the wiki and provide a feed of what other people are tagging. [tags]

Another step could be a LinkedIn group of ‘Bucketeers’ so they can get to know each other.

This may be a bit of overkill but I think it works better when integrated rather than isolated pieces. In this case the Wiki is the link to the other tools. It is also chicken and egg as I am talking about the tools without discussing the needs they are being used to address. I will make sum assumptions here that people reading this will understand the needs this addresses.

I would be interested in hearing other peoples thoughts and experiences with tying these tools together,




One thought on “Tying 2.0 together

  1. Thanks for all your efforts on the bucket Cory. I think it’s got the potential to be very valuable and I recognise that its going to take a lot of investment by a lot of people to release that value.

    Two ideas regarding the use of twitter for knowledge bucket support.

    1. You could set it up like @intranetwatch (set up by @netjmc). The people who are following (and followed back) by intranetwatch get their @messages to @intranetwatch re-tweeted by @intranetwatch. (I assume there is software robot behind this.)

    2. Adopting the hashtag #kbucket for any thoughts, contributions, etc that people want to make.

    Re: LinkedIn. IMHO this is a glorified contact list. I think it may be useful to get background on people but it’s not going to help us get to know one another. Twitter is much better for that.

    Thanks again,

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