Moving In

Well I have jumped ship and I have to say the transfer from one blog provider to another (from blogger to wordpress) was without hitch. The biggest issue has been what design to use.

I can say I am happier with the wordpress toolset. Nice interface. Good extensions and a better ‘feel’. For me Blogger was ok but a bit clunky. I have been looking for a change and landed here.

Partly for looking at other products and partly to continue my learning.

I’ll have to do a wind up post over at and hope my followers will update their RSS feeds.

Here’s to the next leg of the journey.  (House warming party venue will be announced soon)



2 thoughts on “Moving In

  1. Welcome to WordPress Cory.

    Another reason to come to WordPress. They appear to be less fascist when it comes to re-purposing RSS feeds.

    When we tried this with blogger they shut down the blog!

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