KM OZ Conference

My 1st 6 months – KM Program

Here is a copy of the slides I presented at the KM Australia Conference yesterday.

I wanted to do the presentation using the mind mapping software (iMindMap) but had issues with bringing up sub-maps in the Presentation View.

Conference was good. Caught up with some KM buddies and made some new ones along the way.

After talknig with a few Engineering related KM people will be looking to set up a group to collaborate on industry specific challenges. We’ll see how it goes.

If anyone saw the presentation and has any feedback I’d be glad to hear it. Always looking for opportunities to improve.




2 thoughts on “KM OZ Conference

  1. Cory,

    Its taken a while to get to it, but I have finally been cornered into giving a presentation on the KM conference to my team (in Comms & Marketing). I'll be making some use of the 4 principles you mentioned – don't reinvent the wheel, learn from experience, etc.

    This is the first step in the process of engagement and escalation to the Executive in search of champions.

    I've already used the lift encounter pitch that Arthur Shelley recommended.

    I was a guest at the recent SIRT KM roundtable and that looks like a very worthwhile forum with a good collection of tools on their wiki.

    Are you part of the Qld chapter?

    Thanks, John

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